Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet
Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet
Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet
Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet
Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet
Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet
Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet
Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet

Ancient Green Tourmaline Signet

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Inspired by ancient roman jewelry design, this ring has the feeling of an old story, lost in time to the dust and sands of ruins... rediscovered ages later and ready for a new destiny. 

This one of a kind ring features a beautiful faceted green tourmaline stone and hand carved texture.The stone's setting is paritally open on the back to kiss the skin and enhance the healing effect of the ring.

Green tourmaline is a stone of life and rejuvenation. It helps one see with the heart and gain clarity and perspective on ones emotions. It offers protection and support during ritual and spiritual work and also helps one attune to the plant kingdom. Physically, green tourmaline supports the heart and pours vital energy to the core of the body while simultaneously  attuning the body to the energies of the earth and supporting a deeper connection to the divine love of the mother. 

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  • Size | 5
  • Composition |  4.8 ct Ethically harvested green tourmaline, cut by hand and set with care in recycled Solid 14k Gold. 
  • Measurement | 10 mm face 
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    This gold was forged for you in the explosion of a super nova millions upon millions of years ago. It travelled here on a meteor and carries the magic of the stars & the energies of light and transformation. 

    Our solid gold jewelry is ethically produced in the USA and is 100% Certified Recycled and Sustainable  by SCS Global. We use recycled gold over “ethically mined” gold as to not cause further damage to the environment. 

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