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We are lovers of the earth and all of her magic. Global healing is a huge part of our mission and we are grateful to do our part to restore and protect this beautiful wild earth that is our home. We strive to operate our company with integrity and care so that it might make a positive difference in the world. Our pieces are made to inspire you to move through the world from an empowered place of your own personal authenticity and truth. We believe in living a harmonious, intuitive, inspired & passionate lifestyle... in doing everything possible to work toward global healing & restoration and in the strengthening and remembering of our awareness of the beauty and wonder of life.
Mindfully Made.

Catori Life Jewelry is made in the USA using ethically sourced and recycled materials. We work hard to source the most sustainable and ethical materials we can and we are continuously looking to better our business and material sourcing from the jewelry itself to the packaging we ship in. In our creation and sourcing process we consider the whole production line and everyone involved from start to finish.

Fair Wages

Being an ethical business we work to consider all aspects of our company from manufacturing and production to our deeply valued employees. We believe in transparency.  Our goal in being part of the slow fashion movement is not to "get by", but to set new standards  and raise the bar for the way businesses are run and the fairness and abundance to everyone involved. We hope to always provide generous wages to our employees, because we value the work they do.  Minimum wage here in New Mexico is still an appalling $7.50 an hour. Living wage is currently $15.70. Our starting wage at Catori Life is $20 an hour.


We strive to use as much sustainable, recycled and eco friendly materials as possible. Our packing and mailers are made with recycled and eco friendly materials. Any plastic baggies used are biodegradable or compostable. 



We work with various grassroots organizations for the betterment of our world on as many levels as we can. We hope that as we grow our donations can make a very significant impact in the overall healing of the environment and in society.

Every Piece of jewelry plants 20 trees | The Eden Reforestation Projects

We are proud partners of The Eden Projects. Their mission is to recreate healthy forest systems that restore hope, alleviate suffering, empower local people and build local economies in impoverished communities through sustainable, long term, healthy work in reforestation. For every piece of  jewelry you purchase 20 trees are planted. Learn More

PNW Protectors

The sea is my first love and we are currently working with our friends at PNW Protectors to protect and restore the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwestern region of the United States. In this beautiful sea lives a special pod of Resident Orcas, the SRKW, who are on the brink of extinction due to lack of Salmon. The PNW Protectors are working tirelessly to save these Orcas, and restore the food chain and the entire eco system by ensuring protection of the Chinook Salmon. A portion of each sale goes to support this work. Learn More

One Percent for the Planet

One percent for the planet works to hold businesses and non-profits accountable in the work they're doing. They also help partner businesses with active non- profits to create sustainable movement in environmental justice and conservation. We are happy to be members and the organizations we work with are also members. 
Learn more

For the Wild

For The Wild is a progressive media organization and nonprofit that emerged in 2014 from a deep sense of discomfort with the status quo and the yearning to both find what existed outside of dominant culture and consumer conditioning. For The Wild’s founder felt called to take a vow of commitment to the more-than-human world and this work is an extension of that calling. Learn More


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