About the Founder

The art of adornment is an ancient one. For thousands upon thousands of years we have been placing objects of beauty and meaning on our bodies as an expression of our creative heritage. I created Catori Life to honor, nurture and empower the soul of a woman and the soul of the earth.


I live in the breathtaking northern New Mexican mountains of Santa Fe with my sweet husband and son River. I draw much of my inspiration from my rich natural and cultural surroundings. My designs and creations come from a place of deep appreciation for the innate wildness within and around us and I am influenced greatly by my love of mysticism and the natural world, seeking daily solitude and meditative spaces to connect in and sit with spirit. Through this space my creativity flows.  I am also a writer and conservationist and have a background of over twelve years in the healing arts, with a focus in energy healing, nutrition and herbal medicine.
My hope is to contribute to a more beautiful world....
 Founder & Designer of Catori Life Jewelry