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  • Luna Sagrada Ritual Blend
  • Luna Sagrada Ritual Blend

Luna Sagrada Ritual Blend

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Organic Herbal Ritual Blend - 4oz tin

Luna Sagrada is a soothing herbal smoke blend to move within and honor our sacred rhythms... the moon cycles, the night, and dreamtime.  


Herbs have been used for thousands of years to smoke and smudge in prayer, ceremony, for pleasure and for medicine. In ancient traditions it is believed that prayer and intention is carried up to the heavens through smoke.

Recommended Usage-

This blend was created to accompany you in your personal ritual or ceremony and can be used as both a smudge and a smoke.  

*Perfect for use in full or new moon ceremonies, or before bed to induce dreaming. 

Ingredients -

Mullein, Raspberry Leaf, Damiana, Mugwort, Lavender




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