• Pavati Earrings || Black

Pavati Earrings || Black

$ 70.00

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Pavati hand cast bronze earrings accented with black cotton tassel. 

Also Available in Sand.

Pavati is the Hopi tribe word meaning clear water. This amulet is dedicated to the healing of our waters, within and without. Our bodies are made of water. All waters on earth are connected in a sacred cycle. The state of our oceans, lakes and rivers reflects our collective spiritual and physical state, so it is vital that we focus energy on healing and transforming our consciousness and our water. Use this amulet for physical healing and as a daily reminder to send love to our waters. The water you drink, the water within your own body and our beautiful oceans and rivers..


Length: 5"

Metal: Bronze

*Bronze French Earwire

*Each piece is infused with the light of the full moon & blessed with love and protective energy

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