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You are a creature of beauty. You are abundant. You are protected. You are deeply loved. You are the stars and the sea and all of the elements wrapped in this beautiful skin you walk in. The light of the entire universe pulses within you. Embrace it. 

This Jewelry has been made for you. To remember your magic and adorn your beautiful body while you journey  through life on this earth. May you always feel held. May you always walk in love. 


I created Catori Life Jewelry to honor, nurture and empower the soul of its wearer and the soul of the earth. The art of adornment is an ancient one. For thousands upon thousands of years we have been placing objects of beauty and meaning on our bodies as an expression of our creative heritage. I am honored to create adornments for you.  This is jewelry to gather stories in... jewelry to live in.


We are lovers of the earth and all of her magic. Global healing is a huge part of our mission and we are grateful to do our part to restore and protect this beautiful wild earth that is our home. 

Catori Life Jewelry is mindfully designed & made in the US from recycled metals.  Each piece of jewelry sold plants 30 trees through our reforestation projects. We are committed to Sustainability, Fair wages, Social responsibility & Ethical business practices.