The Talisman Gift Set

$ 268.00 $ 240.00 You Save: $ 28.00 (10.45%)

The Talisman Gift Set

$ 268.00 $ 240.00 You Save: $ 28.00 (10.45%)
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Styled by the founder |  Three of our best selling and most loved pieces from the Talisman Collection come perfectly styled in this beautiful gift box for an elevated, mystical look. 


The Cuffs

The perfect accompaniment to our best-selling Padma Cuffs*,   our Anut Cuff set features three slightly thicker cuffs to mix, match, and stack while seriously elevating your vibe. Wear them on the ears as cuffs and on the lip for a fierce statement. 

These cuffs are organically shaped and hand polished. Each one is slightly different to add character with a mix or texture and smooth faces. They slip on easily and comfortably adjust so you can wear them where you'd like. 

Composition |  Bronze | Adjustable fit


The Ring

Ma'at | Cosmic Balance & Elemental Magic

Our beloved Ma'at ring has become one of our top sellers. This magical piece was created as an amulet and a statement ring to empower you and invoke the intention you place within it.

Ma’at in Egyptian cosmology carries the medicine of Truth, Justice, Harmony, Balance, Order, Reciprocity and Prosperity.

This rustic amulet ring is named for Ma'at and also carries the elemental alchemy symbols of earth, water (downward pointed triangle)  and fire (upward pointed triangle), and Spirit (circle).

Depending on what direction it is worn, use to call in grounding energies (earth), flow and creativity (water), or passion and strength (fire) or quieting & balance of the mind (air).


Composition |  Bronze | Adjustable fit


The Necklace

Ankh | Breath of Life | Knowing the divinity of self and in relation to all. 

May we understand the connectedness pulsing throughout the cosmos. 


This amulet was revered in ancient Egypt and maintains its magic and sacredness to this day. I designed this necklace as an offering to those walking the path in reverence of the sacred breath and life ways of beauty. 


Composition | Bronze pendant on a 20" - 14k gold vermeil chain

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