The Temple Gift Set

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The Temple Gift Set

$ 198.00 $ 174.00 You Save: $ 24.00 (12.12%)
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A gift set curated for the modern day mystic. This set is beautifully wrapped and ready to gift, and includes our Temple Oud Ritual Perfume + Serpent Amulet Necklace. 


The Perfume

Temple | Wisdom of the Ancestors  Full bodied, Deep, smokey, of the earth. 


This 3ml ritual oil is perfect to carry with you daily to deepen your connection to the wisdom of your personal lineage. This perfume carries the energy of the ancient temples and earth wisdom to help you cultivate a deeper awareness and attunement with the ancestors.


The Blend | Oud. Blended with notes of copal, mitti, vetiver & smoke


About The Plants | Oud is one of the most sought after and revered oils in the world. It is extremely difficult to find true undiluted Oud oil due to its high demand. It carries the medicine of transformation through the death and rebirth process of the agar wood tree it is gathered from. It is traditionally used in temples all over Asia for meditation and prayer.


This perfume can be worn daily for support and beauty and can also worked with as an anointing oil in ritual, prayer and meditation.

See our larger perfume and full description here


The Necklace

Snake is a magical and supportive guide to work with during times of transition in ones life. She helps us cultivate a deeper understanding and connection to beauty as her medicine gently guides us through growth & transformation.


Her tendency to stay ever so close to the earth reminds us to breathe... move mindfully & to stay grounded and true to the soil that nurtures us. This becomes the practice of trust. Trusting in ourselves and Spirit to guide us. Listen to your heart.


Snake teaches us to regularly shed our skins of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve our highest good. She assists us in mastering the art of transformation and rebirth... as well as strength, perseverance and loyalty.


I designed this shield necklace as an ode to her and an amulet to remember her wisdom.  



   - Bronze pendant with 30" - 22k gold vermeil chain 

   - Pendant Length | 3"


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