Akasha Ritual Perfume

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Akasha Ritual Perfume

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Akasha | Wisdom of the stars.

Joyful, uplifting & sweet

This ritual perfume blend has been  intentionally created to help us connect to the heavens, uplift the spirit and bring happiness and joy into our field.

The Blend | Egyptian Neroli, organically grown on the banks of the River Nile and blended with notes of Frankincense, Yarrow & Sweetgrass and the sweet scent of the sacred Balm of Gilead. 

This oil will lift your spirits and support your heart and is especially good to work with if you struggle with depression or feelings of sadness. The neroli in this blend is softened by the sweetgrass creating a beautiful depth and sweetness. 

About The Plants | Neroli is known to fight feelings of depression, encourage happiness and enhance feelings of joy & love. Yarrow is a beautiful plant ally known to be a wisdom keeper of the stars, and hold a pathway to the Akashic Records. Sweetgrass is sacred in the Americas and used for prayer, giving thanks and blessings. Balm of Gilead is a sacred and ancient plant ally that works to assist in healing heartache, calming physical and spiritual pain, softening dissonant energies and mending arguments and broken relationships. 

How to use | The spirits of the plants have great wisdom to share with us. This perfume can be worn daily for support and beauty and can also worked with in ritual, prayer and meditation.

Anoint | This oil was first and foremost created for personal ritual. If you'd like to use it this way, apply a few drops to the wrist, heart and third eye on the forehead. Breathe in deeply, smell the beautiful scent and feel the support of the plants before dropping into prayer or meditation. With a grateful and humble heart, allow the scent of the perfume and the healing energy of the plants to assist you in whatever you are needing support with. 


To make this offering even more special, we have created a beautiful altar bottle to accompany the 15ml perfume. This optional antique style bottle is hand crafted locally here in Santa Fe, with gold layered into the glass and a beautiful glass stopper. We have designed this bottle as an heirloom piece that can be reused for generations.

Story - Our Ritual perfumes were created with the help of my dear friend and mentor, Christa Obuchowski who has dedicated her life to the ancient practices of distillation and the plant world. Together we have created the formulas for each perfume.

Our perfume oils are of the highest quality and tested for purity. Each perfume is lovingly distilled, blended and aged in Santa Fe, using ancient distillation technique. We do not use any synthetic products in our perfumes. Each plant used for distillation is hand gathered with care, distilled, blended, aged and infused with prayer. 


** Years in the making, these ceremonial grade perfume oils  are created in very, very small batches and in turn, available in limited quantities.
** All perfumes are final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned.  
** Perfumes are shipped directly from our studio. Please allow 5 working days for shipment.

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